Chase Hazelbaker Nulu

Chase Hazelbaker

President & Founder of The Barrel Connection, LLC.

From a young age, Chase displayed a unique and natural talent in sales. He got his start working for his father Keith at his financial planning firm. In 2016, Keith started PCS Distilling Company and successfully recruited Chase’s brother Carson to take the massive new project.

Chase had developed a passion for bourbon, and Keith knew Chase could bring his knowledge and skills to help take NULUTM nationwide. After months of trying to bring Chase on board, Keith finally decided to source some bourbon. Chase then took a position with PCS’s former distributor and began selling NULUTM all over Kentucky. Within a couple years, Chase decided it was time start his own distribution company and “The Barrel Connection, LLC” was born.

Chase wears many hats for NULUTM these days. His main focus is managing distribution and coordinating sales for the brand. He also maintains a hands-on presence in the blending and barrel selection for NULUTM Whiskey.