Our Story

There is something special about rolling up your sleeves and getting back-to-basics. At PCS Distilling Company, we do just that by combining the finest ingredients in our recipes with hands-on, devoted attention to detail. Our small-batch spirits are made right here in our downtown Louisville location where we use Kentucky alkaline limestone water for filtering our handcrafted products. The result? Spirits so pure with a taste so special, you might just leave the mixers on the shelf! We appreciate you finding us. 

Founder & President


Keith founded Prohibition Craft Spirits Distilling Company (PCS) in 2016. To say he is passionate about PCS is an understatement — it’s what he lives for. Not many people get to do what they love, but Keith does. It’s that enthusiasm that drives him as the leader of the whole PCS team.


Our Beginning

Rooted in Family

The Journey of PCS Distilling Company

In June 2015, a pair of amateur distillers sat down with Keith Hazelbaker, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, to talk about a concept for a new craft-distilled spirits company. One thing was clear to Keith, these guys were in over their heads. Keith offered to work closely alongside the amateur distillers and it became clear that he had found his passion. By the time 2016 rolled around, Keith had purchased the fledgling company, and Prohibition Craft Spirits Distilling Company was born. Keith soon brought his son, Carson Hazelbaker, on board and began to make this business a family endeavor.

Timeline 5

Shaking Things Ups

A New Kind of Craft Distillery

During the early years, they made and distilled vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, and moonshine. They released a small batch of sugar cane vodka, a small batch of 14-botanical gin, and a small batch of blackstrap molasses rum.  Shortly after, they released a bourbon barrel-aged tequila. They planned to proliferate these brands and establish some roots in the industry while they waited for their bourbon to mature.

Timeline 6

Perfecting a Great-American Pour

Introducing NULU™ Bourbon Whiskey

After a couple of years of refining and marketing PCS’s clear spirits, Keith’s son, Chase Hazelbaker, joined the team. By the end of 2019, Keith and his sons saw a new path forward by sourcing aged bourbon, adding special finishes, and producing phenomenal whiskey products.  On April 11, 2020, PCS Distilling Company proudly released NULU™ Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey. NULU™ Whiskey is currently distributed in over 20 states.

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